Quality Assurance and Quality Analysis

Quality Assurance and Quality Analysis in the construction project


The research design is majorly aimed to investigate how the contractors are able to benefit from the quality assurance and design in the construction project. It has been indicated in the current statistics that there are very many problems that are encountered in the construction projects which is considered to have been caused by the reasons that the work of the quality assurance has been compromised at a great deal. It, therefore, followed that the work of quality assurance can only be solved when the management and the top stakeholders are to neglect the following undertakings for the construction work to be successful. The backbone of commercial, development projects within the cities and residential is architectural and finishing.

Architecture and finishing can be considered as a dilemma and a great enemy during the execution, monitoring and controlling of the projects when they lack: procedures which are well defined, distinct methods, reception criteria, and techniques. When the –organization meets the quality requirements, then it has an advantage of attaining higher productivity, experiencing reduced workload, reduced costs, increased satisfaction for the stakeholders and increased pay off. Quality assurance is defined as a process where all the requirements of quality are audited and the outcome of quality control in order to ensure the achievement of desired standards and that the required tools and techniques are used.

Quality control can be described as the procedure involved in the assessment and recording of outcomes that are obtained during the execution of all the quality activities. These procedures also help with the analysis of performance and thereafter, possible changes that should take place should be recommended. The major study also works towards the identification, discovery, and examination of quality assurance and quality control of the projects. Such examination helps with the completion of works and leads to the validation and refining of procedures which assists with the implementation, execution, and control of all the processes involved. Such processes are done in accordance with the ISO and other applicable standards and codes.  Benefits of quality assurance and control are the improvement and facilitation of all the quality procedures.

The other benefit is that quality assurance and quality control will help with the identification of what leads to poor quality product and the recommendation of corrective action so as to get rid of the causes of the poor quality production. The work of quality assurance is also faced with the problem of communication among all the stakeholders and therefore they fail to express their opinion which could be of help to the construction work on site.

There have been also certain problems which arise because of disqualification of the contractors and architectural work which is misrepresented for use for a wrong purpose. It is therefore revealed that these problems can cause late completion of construction work, misappropriation of money in many companies and above all reduction of confidence on the part of the contractors due to poor work of quality assurance and control in the construction work. It is therefore with great importance to research on these problems with the aim of enhancing the construction industry when all the above problems are not made available during the construction process. This is only possible if all the work of constructions is quality assured to eliminate all those problems which are the hindrance of improper work in the construction project.

It is necessary for all the construction work to employ the spirit of teamwork, cooperation and to require all the stakeholders to generate necessary effort towards the successful achievement of the construction work. The quality of the project, therefore, depends on the ability of the members to diagnose the main objective of the project which is necessitated by its quality. The project quality can only be achieved when a good modeling relationship is developed by the environment, project aims, control technique and the level of reviewing the information in the construction project. The purpose of the project is to provide the required comments about the project to the clients so that they can ascertain the risks which are associated with the construction project.

The possible risk which could be identified is the possibility of the project to continue further or to stagnate in case of inability to attract the attention of many customers when it is brought into completion. The introduction of quality assurance and control in the globe has influenced quality work in the construction site and its advancement has also led to low production of poor building materials which can cause low quality work in the construction industry. For the purpose of customer satisfaction, it is therefore upon all the construction industries to meet the requirement of customers which calls for the increase of the quality of all the products and services of the construction companies in the whole World.


Problem Statement

The major part of the construction is the quality assurance which requires the contractors to pay much attention to the construction work to be successful. It is, therefore, my key duty to assess the quality of the construction which meets the customers’ demands in the construction industry. Several problems have been encountered during the quality assurance process within the construction industries like loss of finances and delays. There are several consequences that are experienced when a construction project lacks quality assurance such as time overruns which very difficult to determine.

Lack of quality assurance during a construction project also hinders the contractors from meeting deadlines and this leads to financial misappropriation to the users and therefore, reflects a negative consequence on the construction’s returns.  Apart from the problems mentioned above, inadequate quality assurance can also influence litigation on architects, subcontractors, suppliers and engineers due to the blame that each party is posing on each other at the construction site. A client always wants to experience a good feeling and the beauty of his or her house and to enjoy the pleasure and security of the client but, due to the absence of quality assurance in construction; it is not possible to fulfill this comfort.  My argument will be based on quality assurance in project examination and design.

Aims of the Research

The major aim of this research will be to spell out and improve the criteria and procedures in a way that it will go in line with all the focus based on finishing. These aims will work despite the condition and kind of deliverables. The major focus will be based on the singling out and rectifying the crucial concerns for the quality and project managers throughout the construction project. These processes may slow the finishing of the project and also the budget. The identification and singling out of the factors that may slow the construction process will help the managers to see that the job is done perfectly from the first to the last day.

Research Objectives

This study goes further to look into development, improve and filter the present models, tools, criteria, procedures, and techniques for Quality Assurance and control during the construction process in accordance with the most current ISO and the applicable standards and codes. The main objectives of this study are as follows:

  • The study will work towards the identification and resolution of crucial concerns which might challenge the time, scope and cost of the construction process for completion of the work.
  • The study will also work towards the analysis of basic failures or defects in the local construction which can lead to bigger works associated with huge costs and delays.
  • The study will work towards the identification of defects that may require reconstruction and that may have lead to the impairment of the operation facilities.
  • The study will spell out the needs of quality assurance and quality control during the construction process in relation to the finishing works which may lead to the success of the project
  • The study will be required to devise and validate the steps and expected suggestions which are to be done with a lot of tolerance towards the completion of the project to improve quality assurance of the said contract.
  • The research will also be expected to investigate the impact of raising the direct costs which are related to the variation in the direct costs of insuring, investigating and control of all the finishing activities.
  • The study will also be aimed at improving the concept of past events of the database in relation to the topics learned from different studies in the case study. The case studies will be based on the variation which has been selected, the argument which is meant for correcting the selected actions and the finished effect of written topics revised well.

Research Questions


Contractors of organizations are to adopt appropriate quality assurance and quality analysis techniques to help them improve on the way they handle their construction projects for their customers and as a result, the organization can either perform well or poorly. To understand the importance of quality assurance and quality analysis techniques in the organization, the organization should improve its construction work to meet the client’s demands. The following questions must be answered in regard to quality assurance and quality analysis.

How can quality assurance be done in construction design

What are the problems facing the construction industry due to inadequate quality assurance?

Who is affected by the quality assurance process?

Why should the contractors ensure that they do quality work?

How are the contractors going to improve the quality of their construction work?

Significant of the Study

Many organizations always perceive that effective organization must have well-developed quality techniques in construction to improve its customer satisfaction and this has a great effect on the contractor’s performance. They, therefore, try to inculcate this in their operations. To prove the perception, there is need to research on the effects of construction quality to enhance customers’ satisfaction. Contractors and subcontractors use the findings to incorporate effective and efficient construction techniques in their organizations to not only maximize employee and organization performance but also improve quality of the construction project by using quality materials, highly skilled personnel and just in time delivery.

Scope of the Study

This research is limited to identifying the dimensions of the use of quality assurance and quality analysis to improve construction work to ensure that all the problems encountered are fully solved. The research is also to rotate on the steps which allow the quality to be assured in the construction design to eliminate all the discrepancies which are likely to occur at the construction site.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Due to the level of escalated risks involved in construction and engineering projects, one has to ensure that quality assurance and control are strictly complied to. In case a construction project is compromised by external elements it raises the risk of its delayed completion thus having an impact on the general performance of the construction. It is important to note that one has to design an internal quality assurance system so as to ensure the final product relayed to the consumer is of quality.

A number of constructors and engineers have benefited from the adoption and implementation of a quality assurance system. The adoption of the aforementioned system creates uniformity in the services rendered by the engineer or constructor. An effective quality assurance system plays a vital role in a contractor’s project. The adoption of the aforementioned system ensures that there are no hiccups in a construction project. The ISO 9000 standard falls within the realms of an effective quality assurance system in the field of engineering and construction. The ISO 9000 standard has been adopted by various countries globally. The quality assurance system adopted encompasses both external and internal elements (Chung, 88).

With regard to the internal aspect of the quality assurance, it focuses on activities which are geared towards refining the poise of the construction organization thus achieving the quality envisioned. The internal quality system being referred to above is coined as the quality management system. A construction company’s profits and product quality may be improved if it efficaciously implements the quality management system. Alternatively, the external management system places its focal point on the client. The quality management system enhances the assurance of the client on the contractor’s quality system.

The external aspect of the quality system in this context is referred to as the system of quality assurance. The aforementioned program can prove to be successful only if the topmost executive in the firm assumes all the accountability of construing and executing the project. The successful implementation of the quality assurance system by a contractor ensures that his/her customers have heightened confidence in the contractor’s service delivery. A good example would be the successful adoption and implementation of the internal and external aspects of the quality assurance system in Saudi Arabia which has led to the eventual growth in the construction and engineering sector.

The ISO 9000 standard is designed to establish a universal principal quality assurance and control system which is pertinent to various economic and industrial sectors. The aforementioned standard system demonstrates the contractor’s commitment to adhere to his/her client’s quality requests. The underpinning of the ISO 9000 standard system is the American National Standards Institute. However, the adoption and implementation of the ISO 9000 standard in the engineering and construction plane are not as universal as in the manufacturing sector.

The varying understandings made of the ISO 9000 standard is attributed to its generic nature. Furthermore, the actual interpretation and implementation of the ISO 9000 standards may be distinct from one nation to the next. The rationale behind the implementation of the ISO 9000 standards is multifold. First and foremost the quality system acts to scale to higher heights the quality of operations of a construction or engineering company. Secondly, it works to ensure that the client’s desires are met through the product. Finally, the ISO 9000 standard ensures that the competition within the construction industry is healthy. Therefore the overall perception of the ISO 9000 standards varies from one company to another based on the aforementioned rationale.

The Research Methodology

The methodology of this doctoral study will comprise empirical research. Empirical research is considered to be a means of acquiring knowledge and information through either direct or indirect experience. Empirical evidence can be represented and analyzed either qualitatively or quantitatively. The representation of evidence through qualitative or quantitative form, a researcher gets to answer the empirical questions, which should be depicted in a clear manner and be answerable by the evidence collected by the researcher. The design of the research being conducted varies by field and the problem question being investigated. Most researchers choose to combine both forms of analysis namely qualitative and quantitative so as to get to improve the mode of answering questions which cannot be studied in other settings.

A researcher conducting the research needs to develop a theory regarding the question being investigated. The second step is that the researcher will propose a hypothesis from the theory of the investigated question. Thirdly, some predictions are made in relation to the hypothesis and which can be tested using experiments developed by the researcher. The empirical research has a cycle that guides one on the steps to follow to come up with valid results. The cycle starts with, observation, then induction, deduction, testing and finally the evaluation (Hughes, 15).

The first part of the research is observation, at this stage; the researcher collects and organizes the information that will be used to come up with a hypothesis. The second stage of the empirical cycle is induction, at this stage, the researcher tries to formulate hypothesis according to the data they had collected. The next step of the cycle is the deduction stage. Here the researcher deducts the possible consequences of the hypothesis made. The deductions are done using testable predictions. The fourth stage of the empirical cycle is the testing stage. At this stage, the hypothesis is tested using new empirical material.

The final stage of the empirical research is the evaluation stage; here the researcher evaluates the results of the research (outcome). Using the empirical research method will benefit to help and support in refining and validating the Quality Control and Assurance objectives and deliverables in the form of procedures, acceptance criteria, and lesson learned databases through real-time case studies of the projects executed successfully in terms of time, cost and scope (Tang, 11).

Literature Review

Various studies conducted by different scholars support the assertion that quality assurance and control plays a vital role in the construction and engineering sector. Abdulaziz A. Bubshait and Tawfiq H. Al-Atiq conclude that the rationale behind the execution of quality assurance systems is to improve on construction projects quality thus nourishing the client’s desires (Abdulaziz A. Bubshait & Tawfiq H. Al-Atiq, 1999). Analogous results were portrayed in research conducted by Sarosh H. Lodi, Syed M. Ahmed, Rizwan U. Farooqui and Muhammad Saqib (2008).

The authors revealed in their scholarly work that quality assurance and control assumes a vital role in the projects of contractors. They expounded that the failure of a contractor to comply with the quality assurance systems compromises his/her construction or engineering operations. Lack of compliance jeopardizes constructors or engineers project thus incurring losses or personal injuries. The authors conclude by stating that virtuous project managers interpret and execute the quality standard systems in the operations of the construction or engineering projects.

Benefits of the Study

When I combine the masters that I already obtained with the Ph.D., these combinations can make me have very high qualifications for management of expert quality, a researcher in quality assurance and control tools, techniques and methods to apply and improve the management of quality systems in the governmental, nongovernmental and private sector. I can also use my doctorate and the available research studies towards working as an instructor at various universities for project management, consultant in quality control and an engineer in executive engineering. I can also arise with modern quality methods, acceptance, criteria, and procedures for the completion and architectural activities that can improve various construction projects. The project will also work towards the filtration and validation of quality assurance and control aims and these aims 0can be delivered in the form of acceptance criteria, procedures, and lessons learned through immediate studies.

In conclusion, the plan I have for the near future is to have a business of my own after I complete my Ph.D. studies. With the business, I will be able to establish a highly qualified specialist who will only work on the finishing construction because such activities should be done by qualified personnel. By singling out the needs and addressing modern database, finishing checklists and tips, tools, acceptance criteria, and procedures through specialized technology for easier implementation and execution of completion of work with high-quality levels during the construction process. The completion of this Ph.D. will be the initial step to the attainment of my goal.


Works Cited

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